Top things to do in St Louis

Top 12 Things To Do In St. Louis


By: Ian Golightly MBA, Realtor

If you’re thinking about moving to St Louis or its surrounding areas, the natives of the area will tell you there are many things-to-do.  If you’re new to the area or just visiting, please use this guide to keep you busy for the next few days. St. Louis provides a cultural mix and unique vibes, depending on what neighborhood or location you arrive at.

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Here are the top things that we came up with:


St Louis Gateway Arch

1. Get Up And Personal With The Gateway Arch:


The Arch is a staple to St. Louis with a deep history of architecture within the city. The structure, engineering, and design are unique. Take a ride up the 600+ feet structure to get a bird’s eye view of the city.


2. Check Out Six Flags St. Louis:


Six Flags is about 20min away from downtown St. Louis, where you can spend the full day riding thrilling rides. If you’re interested in a wet adventure, you can also spend your time at the water park directly inside the six flags amusement park.


St Louis Aquarium at Union Station STL

3. St. Louis Union Station


Historically the St. Louis Union Station was one of the largest passenger rail terminals in the world. Union Station converted into an aquarium that now provides a home to over 10,000 animals at the St Louis Aquarium. Union Station also has attractions like an 18-hole mini-golf course, a train park, a mirror maze, and many restaurants to choose from to eat.


4. Let Your Little Ones Imagination Go Wild At The Magic House


The Magic House is St. Louis’s first interactive children museum.  The children museum is a built in a Victorian mansion in a suburban location just outside of St Louis.  The magic house provides educational activities to keep your young ones on their toes. This is a great place to check out if you have young ones looking for something to do.


Forest Park STL

5. Forest Park Provides St Louis Culture To Its Finest:


Forest Park dates back to the early 1900s where it was home to the 1904 World Fair. The park is one of the largest urban parks to date in the United States. The park has several walking paths to check out that can keep you busy throughout the day. You may also find yourself checking out the St. Louis Zoo or even the St Louis Art Museum that is inside Forest Park.


STL Citygarden

6. Citygarden Is An Artist Dream Come True:


The Citygarden is an outdoor adventure of many art styles that has various outdoor sculptures. The garden is within walking distance from the Gateway arch and is open year-round. If you enjoy unique art, make way to the Laumeier Sculpture Park with over 60 outdoor sculptures. The amphitheater hosts various music and special events throughout the year.


ST Louis Craft Beer

7. Craft Beer Is Tradition In St Louis:


St. Louis and its surrounding areas have a place for any beer drinker. These local flavors are brought to you by Grove Brewery & Bierhall, 4 Hands Brewing Company, and Schlafly Bottleworks. If you’re into domestic beers, then take a tour at the historic Anheuser-Busch Brewery, where you can sample various beers that they produce.


8. Enjoy A Weekend Day At the Zoo:


One of the great things about the St. Louis Zoo is that there is no charge and open to the public. Parking and food are expenses that you should expect. The zoo is one of the many free attractions that the city offers to the public, and it is also a nationally recognized zoo. If you enjoy an up-close personal experience with animals, Purina Farms is a place to check out.


St Louis Crown Candy Kitchen

9. There’s Room For The Foodies:


STL has a diverse culinary scene that is fitting for the novice foodie to the extreme expert foodie. The St Louis area has something to offer for all eclectic taste buds! Have your first try of St. Louis Pizza that is topped off with Provel cheese, or pick up a delicious treat of gooey butter cake, which is a St Louis’s desert staple treat. The Hill offers some top-of-the-line Italian food cuisine. During the hot season, make sure to stop by Ted Drewes to try their famous frozen custard.


St Louis Art Museum

10. Enjoy A FREE Art Adventure:


The St. Louis Art Museum has a vast collection of art that dates back to the B.C. ages up to modern art. The museum consists of multiple floors with rotating exhibitions, so you’ll never see the same art pieces over and over again. The museum has paid exhibitions, but you’ll want to keep an eye out for their deals. In the past, we’ve seen free days on Friday!


St Louis City Museum

11. Be A Kid And Explore The City Museum:


Explore the adult and child playground filled with slides, unique caves, and unique random objects. There’s no other place where you will find a school bus hanging off a building or a fighter jet on top of a roof. The design of the City Museum is creative, with a lot of thought design behind the placement of each structure.


St Louis Casino Ameristar

12. Roll Your Luck And Find Yourself At One Of St Louis’ Casinos


If you’re feeling a little risky, then head on over to the casino. St Louis is home to the luxurious Lumiere Casino and also River City Casino. Suppose you want to visit some other Casinos in the area. In that case, Hollywood Casino is worth checking out or visiting our favorite casino at Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, Mo.