Sell Your House Quick

15 To Do’s If You Want To Sell Your House Quick

By: Ian Golightly

If you’re thinking about selling your home or you are working with us to sell your home, there are some simple things that you need to do to ensure you have a higher chance to grab the attention of prospective buyers to get your home under contract. The mission is to sell your house quick!


1. Declutter: The more of less ‘stuff’ that you can show will make it seem there’s more room. One great way to let people know in your neighborhood that your house will be for sale is to have a garage sale. On top of that, it is a great way to generate some cash on things you may have thrown away or given away. If you donate to Goodwill, that’s a way to write off your taxes. Another solution is to rent out a small storage unit if you plan to move a lot. The great news is that things are already in boxes, and it should lower the stressors when your house officially goes under contract

2. Deep Clean:
Clean like your mother on the weekends. On a dull Saturday, do a deep clean from bottom to top.

3. Up Keep The Garden:
Curb appeal is the first comment someone will make when they see your property. Ensure the grass is cut, weeds are pulled, edge if needed, and put down mulch where needed.

4. Don’t Skip On Easy Touchups: Things will have some gradual wear and tear over time. You’ll want to put on a fresh layer of paint, clean the grout, caulk cracks around the sink, fixtures, and moldings.

5. Fix forgotten repairs:
Grab a small notebook and walk around the house to assess what may need some work. It’s common to find broken blinds and broken drawers. If you have the home inspection paperwork from when you bought your home, you can use that as a guide. If you find something, you should fix it now because it will most likely be brought up again from the inspection.


6. Keep all countertops clear of clutter and trash: It’s easy to have a habit of keeping the mail on the dining table or keeping the cellphone and magazines on the nightstand. But not everyone lives like you. All tabletops should be clear of clutter and not have anything on there if it’s not decorative.


7. Have A Boring Fridge: Your fridge should be un-decorative by having all your magnets taken off and having your personal pictures hidden.


8. Always Take The Garbage Out Before A Showing: No one wants to smell unwanted odors that may come from the garbage can. Most buyers will point out the things they don’t like over the things they do like. Smelling a bad odor is something that you don’t want a prospective buyer to point out as a flaw in your house, which may be a make or break on an offer.


9. Make Your Bed


10. Setup The Dinner Table: It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated but set up the table as if you were going to have dinner with your friends or family. It will let your prospective buyers use their imagination on what their life may look like when they move in.


11. Create A Cozy Environment: Make every opportunity to create a cozy environment in the places that you can in your home. Re-arranging your couch pillows and placing a throw blanket on the coach will make those spaces feel welcoming.


12. Place A Breakfast Tray And A Book On The Bed: Ever been to a Pottery Barn or a high-end furniture store before? They do this frequently to make it feel like a relaxing atmosphere and for you to feel a connection with the product. If they can do it, why can’t you?


13. Use As Much Natural Light As Possible: During your day showings, you’ll want to open the blinds to let the natural night come into the room. Natural light makes the room appear bigger than it is. Bigger rooms attract buyers, and a higher probability you’ll get an offer.


14. The Entry Area Is Very Important: You’ll want to hide any clutter on the day of the showing. Most leave their shoes in the entryway because it is close to the front door. You’ll want to put your shoes in a shoe rack hidden in a closet or in a basket placed in a secured hidden spot that won’t be seen during the showing. I’ve seen people put baskets of shoes in their cars.


15. Paint With Neutral Colors: If you plan to repaint all your walls because you want to attract more buyers, you’ll want to make sure you don’t go with bright colors or dark off the wall colors. You’ll want to go for neutral colors. Here are a few neutral colors from Sherman Williams: Perfect Greige, Sea salt, Pure White, and Pediment.