Our method is simple, and its framework is built by how to price your property, what strategy needs to be in place, and where to reach the right customer. The decision to sell your home is a large decision. That is why it is crucial to make sure you are working with the right partner to get the job done.

Our culture is built on traditional foundations of transparency and effective communication. When you decide to work with us, you’ll have continuous communication on where you are in the transaction process. The benefit of working with us is our knowledge of data science and technology. It is our responsibility to take the stressors of selling out of your hands.

Our marketing strategy comes with 15+ years of experience in digital marketing. Once as a client, your property’s marketing is custom-tailored in-house to reduce turnaround times with no wait time for edits.

We specialize with Affinity Suite for digital marketing:

We use market leading equipment for all photography and editing demands in the market. All of our digital marketing is conducted in-house to have complete control and better turnaround times.

Our top of the line equipment can help you sell your home with ease

We produce full production cinematic videos in HD, 4k, and 5.7K. Best of all we have the ability to shoot 360-degree cinematic videos.

  • Ability to provide contactless transactions – 100% Digital
  • Inhouse digital marketing service
  • Listing through the MLS with syndication across top real estate listing platforms
  • Home listing on Hello STL that is SEO (search engine optimized) compliant to generate leads.
  • Continual Feedback From Open Houses
  • Yard sign with lockbox
  • Cover social media marketing in house and ad cost
  • Professional personalized marketing strategy all the way till the end of closing.

Let’s Connect:

Get the ins-outs of the selling process


When we get in contact with you, we want to get to know you and your goals. You’ll also get the details on the selling process, so there will be no surprises later. With our data science background, you’ll have data on the best price to sell your home, and the expected days it may last on the market.

We use your preferred communication method to ensure you know what is happening around the clock. Our top priority for you as a client is full transparency.


    The current state of the real estate market is the determinant of the pricing of your property. The right price is not controlled by the seller nor the selling agent. However, with our background in data science, our selling method model targets a non-biased price range based on the market.