Working From Home

Working From Home?

Realizing It’s Time To Move NOW


Ian Golightly MBA, Realtor

If you worked from home because of the pandemic or you’ve been doing it initially, you’ve probably had some thought if your home is suitable for the work demands. Luckily you are not alone! Many across the US are in the same boat by revaluating if their floorplans and locations are ideal for their line of work.


Depending on your floorplan, you may need more space or may need less space. One of the challenges that many faces; is working in one location of the house and then separating themselves to go about their daily lives after work. Thus, many people feel like they are still at work when they are trying to figure a way to destress from their job. This is a pitfall with working from home.


One of Upwork’s research findings indicated that 14 to 23 million Americans plan to move due to remote work. In 2019, roughly 6 million homes were sold in the United States. That means there are approximately 2-3x more people that are considering moving due to working remotely. The Upwork research study found out that many are okay to live more than 4 hrs away.  This cohort also lives in a metropolitan area.


So Why Does This Matter: Working From Home?


Granted, living 4hrs away from St. Louis may not be feasible, but moving to a different location to getting the most out of your dollar can be viable. When you are purchasing a home, it is essential that you move into your new home that is affordable while being able to match your living needs. The bottom line is that remote work is more acceptable and requires that your home have enough space to work efficiently.

Work From Home Idea

If you are planning on moving, we are here to ensure that you get in the most appropriate home to meet the demands for your living and working needs.