Create a fair price for your home

Home Sellers Create A Fair Price For Your Home:

By: Ian Golightly MBA, Realtor


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When you’re selling your home, it’s almost like buying a new one in some ways. Everyone expects not to get ripped off and want to feel like they are getting the best deal. Ideally, as a seller, you need to recognize the delicate balance of selling your home short and inflating the asking price. In most cases, the balance is subtle, but it is apparent that something is not aligned in some cases. The goal is to create the best deal that is fair for you and also your future buyer.

As you read further, I’m going to discuss a few ways for you to increase your home price reasonably.

Because of the internet, home sellers have increased that want to go solo in the journey and become ‘for sale by owners.’ That route is not recommended. The NAR (National Association Of Realtors) has supporting data that for sale by owners end up typically losing more money versus partnering with a Realtor.

Do you remember the old saying, “Spend money to make money”? That old saying holds in real estate too. The most important thing that you want to do first is to make all the necessary repairs to ensure that your house home is safe to move into. Secondly, you want to replace fixtures that need replacements. Once you are done with that, here are a few other things that you may want to consider.

Top 3 Things To Consider:


1. Paint:


A new coat of paint can make a significant difference and can make your home look brand new. From personal experience, make sure you take the time to plan if you are doing multiple rooms. If you are using various colors, the colors must collaborate well with each other. Also, make sure you write down the color codes and keep them in a safe spot. You probably do not want to take the extra time to repaint something that you spent many hours doing previously because the paint tint was slightly off.

If you’re looking for high-quality paint, we highly recommend Benjamin Moore.


2. Storage Space:


More homebuyers are making sure they have space to store their belongings in today’s market. The more creative you can get with storage, the better off you will be. Shelving can make an enormous difference in storage space. Another trend that has picked up the past few years is IKEA hacks.


3. Outdoors:


It is easy for home sellers to focus on their home’s inside interior and neglect the outside. Falling into this trap is a common mistake for many sellers. If you have a garden, you must keep it up to date by pulling dead plants and weeds. Maintaining a lawn and garden tells a lot about a property and that the home seller takes care of their property.

The last final step is to come up with a purchase price. Coming up with a fair price is very challenging. But you don’t have to worry about that because we are here to help you.