Why Your Listing Expired:

Statistics show that expired listings account for 40% of the listings that are on the MLS. The analytics still holds valid since 2014, and the probability for it to change significantly is slim.

While no agent should guarantee that they will sell your house, the failure rate is distasteful. As a Realtor, it grinds my gears when agents get a great client like you, and they have this belief that once they take photos from their flip-phone and post it on the MLS that some mythical unicorn will fly in for the transaction.

Every seasoned agent and investor can tell you directly what the problem is, and it is the very reason we’re okay with taking business away from agents who are not client-centric. For the average client, real estate is the most valuable asset that they own, and as a client, it’s our duty to create a win-win situation. Based on research, expired listings occur because of various reasons. However, in most cases, there are preventable measures for listings not to expire.

Listings expire due to:

  • Proper pricing of the property
  • Non-client centric
  • Condition of the home
  • Targeting wrong buyer
  • Poor marketing strategy
  • Difficult to show (inconvenience)

We want you to sell your home the correct way because it’s not a one size fits all occurrence. Our process model goes through various touchpoints to ensure everything is aligned through the whole process, and any deviation gets corrected promptly.

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For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s) Trying To ‘Save’ Money Actually Makes Less Than They Believe:

It’s understandable and respectful as a homeowner to save as much as you can. According to the NAR (National Association Of Realtors), 40-percentile of people who sell without a licensed real estate agent believe that if they put in a little work, they will not have to pay a commission or closing fees. However, research indicates that sellers will work hard to make the sale, and the final closing price is far less than what the market values the property.

The question real question is, do you have time to market the property? Do you understand the local trends in the housing market or even know the latest regulation for closing a property? Statistics show that roughly 9 out of 10 buyers for properties sold were with experienced real estate agents. Seasoned agents are aware of the market trends beyond your street, and for those reasons, the buyer now has more leverage. FSBOs have indica


ted that the most demanding challenge they faced was ‘getting the right price (NAR).’

Here is an example where you’re still in the winning position: the average home sells for 208,000 for FSBO’s while the average agent-assisted home sales were in the $235,000 ballpark. Assume you paid roughly a 6% commission on the home sale at $235,000, which would net roughly around $14,000. The great news is that it would still net-save you by approximately $13,000.


So instead of wasting time and dealing with the stressors, let us take the burden and ensure you get top dollar for one of the most considerable assets in your financial portfolio, which is your home.

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